Patchway Community School


 The school has decided that the students will wear school uniform because:

  • We believe that dressing smartly communicates a business-like attitude to work
  • We believe that a uniform protects students from discrimination in terms of expensive fashion clothing
  • Students can be readily identified in public places as being from Patchway Community School
  • Student’s dress should reflect cleanliness and tidiness.

We expect students to wear the correct school uniform while travelling to and from school.

Any student arriving at school not in correct uniform will be followed up by staff.  If there is a problem with uniform please contact school to inform us of the issue.

Click here for our School uniform policy.

Click here if you think you may be eligible for support in purchasing school uniform.

School Uniform

These two compulsory school uniform items carrying Patchway Community School logo uniform are only available from Monkhouse:

  • Tie with Patchway Community School logo
  • Black V neck jumper with Patchway Community School logo

Other items of uniform can be purchased from Monkhouse or through all good retailers:

  • Grey trousers or skirt; no micro skirts.  Trousers should be tailored, no jeans, leggings/joggers or tracksuit bottoms
  • Grey shorts – must be tailored and knee length; no jeans, leggings/joggers, tracksuit type shorts
  • White short or long sleeve shirt – buttoned to the collar
  • Plain black, white or grey socks – no fluffy coloured socks
  • Black, grey or natural skin coloured tights – maybe worn with skirts
  • Plain black sensible footwear including black trainers/shoes – not boots or sandals. No flashes or coloured laces or coloured logos


  • 1 plain stud in each ear only, no hoops
  • 1 clear nose stud only (if nose is pierced)
  • No necklace/bracelets on display 
  • No obvious false/long/painted nails 
  • All other face, body or multiple ear piercings must be removed for Health and Safety reasons
  • Make-up: Discreet make-up only, no long/false or coloured nails, no false eyelashes
  • Hair: No extreme styles or colours (one natural colour)
  • No hoodie - including PE hoodie on non-PE day 


Students must place all outdoor clothing in their locker before school starts and collect at the end of the school day. 


Any student arriving at school not in correct uniform will be followed up by staff.  If there is a problem with uniform please contact school to inform us of the issue.


Sports Kit

PE Kit policy

It is required that all students wear school PE kit when attending PE lessons. If a child is ill or unable to they are to bring a note from their parent or guardian excusing them from the practical element of the lesson.

It is also expected that all students bring and change into kit even if they are unable to take part. The exception to this being if a student physically is unable to do so due to a severe injury or condition. 

Any item worn underneath the polo shirt should not be visible e.g. long sleeved t-shirts, polo tops, t-shirts showing below the polo.

Compulsory PE kit items available from Monkhouse only:

  • Black PE polo shirt with Patchway Community School logo
  • EITHER PE reversible black/white outdoor top with Patchway Community School logo OR PE grey hoody with Patchway Community School logo

(For outdoor wear either of these options may be chosen, but please be advised that if you are playing contact rugby the hoody may NOT be worn. Therefore, we advise students who are likely to be in school teams to purchase the outdoor reversible top. Other tops will not be permitted)

Other items of uniform can be purchased from Monkhouse or through all good retailers:

  • Suitable plain black sports bottoms which may include: black tracksuit bottoms, black shorts, black girls sport leggings, or mid-thigh length black cycle shorts (at least 7" inch long)  – no branding or logos
  • Black knee-length socks (outdoor)
  • Astro turf trainers – these can be worn inside or outside on the astro turf

We strongly advise that your child has a PE hoody for winter PE lessons. Non PCS branded jumpers and coats are not permitted to be worn in any circumstances, therefore your child may be more comfortable wearing a school PE hoody on colder days.

 Astro footwear - please see the image below

Optional items available from Monkhouse or from high street stores if the item meets our uniform policy (some may be required when representing the school in certain sports):

  • Football/rugby boots - moulded ones can be used on grass AND on astro turf.  Studded ones can only be used on grass, but they are compulsory for students playing in extra-curricular activities
  • Gum shields - advisory for rugby lessons, but compulsory for extra-curricular fixtures
  • Shin pads - advisory for football lessons, but compulsory for extra-curricular fixtures
  • White socks
  • Trainers - any.  These can be worn inside but not on the astro turf unless they are astro turf trainers


Equipment requirement for all students in all lessons will be:

Bronze - non-negotiable

Silver - desirable

Gold - amazing!

Reading book 

Spare pen



Spare pencil

Coloured pencils


Ruler (15cm or 30cm)

Ruler (15cm or 30cm)



(See PCS Maths Faculty for details)

Eraser (rubber)


Pair of compasses

Pencil sharpener


Glue Stick

Green pen for self-marking

Personal Belongings

Students are personally responsible for the items they bring into school, including their mobile phone and any other digital devices. We suggest students do not bring in expensive items in case of loss or damage. The only exception to this is if a student loses or damages a personal possession while being instructed to use it for educational reasons by a member of staff.