Patchway Community School

Tutor Teams 2023 - 2024

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You could also check out this page for our Senior Leadership Team.   

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Year 7

Year lead: Ms Sarah Cousins

7 P     Mr M Evans                 

7 A     Mr H Topham             

7 T      Miss A Todd                

7 C     Mr C Cheung               

7 H     Ms T Jathol                  

7 W     Andy Timm                  


Year 8

Year lead: Mr L Plummer

8 P     Mr O Phillips         

8 A     Mr M McGovern   

8 T      Miss E Forsyth                                        

8 C     Mr D England        

8 H     Miss H Kilburn      


Year 9

Year lead: Mrs A Fenlon

9 P     Mr M Tomiak        

9 A     Mr K Beasor          

9 T      Miss K Neal           

9 C     Mrs F Higginson    

9 H     Miss P Portwood                         

9 W    Mr J Lynch              


Year 10

Year lead: Mr G Haskins

10 P    Miss J Board         

10 A   Mr J Watkins          

10 T    Miss M Trohear    

10 C    Ms M Haines         

10 H   Miss C Pilsworth   

10 W  Mr J Johnson          


Year 11

Year lead: Ms A Boyce  

11 P     Mr A Gregory                                                                   

11 A     Miss A Stentiford

11 T     Mr P Reynolds     

11 C     Mr D Jones           

11 H    Miss J Wright        

11 W   Miss A Cornish     

11Y      Ms Rut Vina-Perez


Head of Post 16

Mr R Lewis