Patchway Community School

Home Learning

At Patchway Community School, we set Home Learning so that our young people can deepen their knowledge and understanding of what they have learnt in class whilst training to become independent learners.

Home Learning is key to helping students learn better and achieve more.

Extensive research shows that Home Learning has a positive impact on average (+ 5 months), particularly with pupils in secondary schools, which shows how important it is as a part of our students’ education.

Home Learning is set on a rolling weekly basis so that students have a week to complete Home Learning for all subject areas. They complete work on the same platforms every week.

All Home Learning is set on line, based on research that proves that studies involving digital technology typically have greater impact (+ 6 months) than paper based studies.

All Home Learning is tracked by the class teacher so that it can be monitored and students held accountable for their progress at home.

Teachers will set Home Learning on the following platforms:

- Sparx (Maths)

- Tassomai (Science)

- Memrise (Languages)

- Seneca (Religious Studies)

- Bedrock Learning (all remaining subjects at KS3 and literacy)

Occasionally, additional paper work may be set. Any additional work will be uploaded to Google Classrooms and/or Arbor so that it is easily accessible from home. 

Home Learning timetable:

If your child struggles to manage their Home Learning time, there is a Home Learning timetable that they can use as a guide to help them plan their week. This allows time to ensure that all Home Learning is completed without leaving it all to the last minute and creating unnecessary stress.

For a copy of our Home Learning timetable, please click here:

KS3 Home Learning timetable

Year 10 Home Learning timetable

Year 11 Home Learning Timetable

Home learning club:

If your child doesn’t have a safe, quiet place to work, we offer a Home Learning Club in school which takes place every Monday to Thursday from 14:35 to 15:15

Additionally, they can also use the library computers at break and lunchtime so can complete their Home Learning then if they wish.

How you can support your child in completing Home Learning:

  • Provide an appropriate, quiet learning space for your child to study at home
  • Monitor the completion of Home Learning regularly
  • Maintain a regular routine for Home Learning
  • Encourage and enable students to attend Home Learning Club and/or revision sessions after school, where available and appropriate

 Home Learning is a compulsory requirement.

It is important that Home Learning is completed on time and to the best of the students’ ability.


For our full Home Learning policy please click here.