Patchway Community School

Student Council


We have an active Student Council made up of student representatives from all year groups and any student may become a representative at the council.

The council, which meets every fortnight, is chaired by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and issues raised and discussed by council are shared with other members of the leadership team and school staff. 

The council responds to suggestions from fellow students which are raised in tutor groups or through the school council suggestion box. The council is an important and real vehicle for change and improvement around the school and promotes student leadership. This all contributes to the positive ethos and values within the school and allows students to play a leading role in developing our school culture of being kind, taking part and working hard.

The Student Council also takes a lead in raising awareness of the three charities chosen each year by the council – one local, one national and one international, through organising a range of events and activities for the school.

pcs school council presentation 22 03 2023 final without council photos.pdf