Patchway Community School


The Library at Patchway Community School is a vibrant and happy place to work in.  We are open for business for lessons, breaktimes, lunchtimes and even after school.  Times to enjoy the wonderful resources that we have here.  

We have catalogued getting on for 10,000 books!!!!

The fiction books are all in genres so they are easy to find.  We have Adventure/Thrillers, books about Animals, Comedy books, Fantasy and Graphic Novels, we have lots of Horror books, Science, War and even a bit of Romance.

We have 40 computers. 

Mrs Evans is generally available to help with all sorts of queries about books and logins to computers and homework websites.

Our homework club is open for an hour after school on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  There is always at least one member of staff available to help and support students.

We have a brand new, very fancy, interactive board for teaching from and several study areas. 

The library really is the “best room in the school”. J