Patchway Community School

Our Vision

PCS Logo

In Patchway Community School, we believe our mission is to:

Equip all students with outcomes which give them the choice of going to university or embarking on a vocational course such as an apprenticeship 

  • This means that we want to ensure that our students achieve their best grades so they are in the strongest position at 16 or 18 to choose whether they want to go to university or to a competitive level 3 apprenticeship.  In short, we are ambitious for all of our students!
  • We are committed to creating a warm, supportive and active partnership with parents for the benefit of the school and all its students and we aim to: ï‚·
  • Create a positive, stimulating, challenging and safe learning environment
  • Create opportunities for our students to exceed expectations
  • Ensure your child experiences success, as a valued member of the school community
  • Help your child achieve high standards of work and behaviour
  • Ensure your child receives regular subject feedback to help them make progress
  • Ensure that appropriate homework is set
  • Provide a balanced curriculum which meets the needs of your child
  • Keep you informed about your child’s progress in school and communicate any concerns at an early stage, if they should arise
  • Care for your child’s safety and happiness
  • Treat each child with respect and understanding
  • Celebrate the diversity of our school population and promote an attitude of mutual respect and tolerance within the school community
  • Provide a range of clubs and extra-curricular activities
  • Provide high quality careers information, advice and guidance to your child