Patchway Community School

Mission and Vision


In Patchway Community School, we believe our mission is to:

  • Be the school of first choice in our community and strive for excellence in everything we do


We are a hardworking and inclusive school, proud to be serve our community, where we aim for all our students to become:

  • Happy and resilient individuals, who are able to fulfil their dreams, learn from mistakes and live safe and healthy lives
  • Successful and confident learners, who are determined to make excellent progress in school and beyond through a passion and curiosity for learning
  • Responsible, respectful and well-informed citizens, who develop the characteristics needed to be kind and make a positive contribution to the world


  • Ambitious - achieve more than you ever thought possible 
  • Respectful - through being kind and courteous 
  • Excellent - through hard work and resilience 


  • Work hard
  • Be kind
  • Take part