Patchway Community School


Physical Education and School Sport 

The PE Department/OAT PE ethos


Student-athletes across the Olympus Academy Trust will take part in a varied, challenging and engaging programme of work from Year 7 -11. This journey aims to cater for students of all abilities, with differentiated activities and robust challenge through appropriate competition and opportunities for all-abilities.

In KS3 learners will experience broad and balanced activities, developing fitness and skills alongside teamwork and leadership. Students will learn how to build resilience and deal with failure. Furthermore, emphasis will be placed on developing fairness and respect, values of right and wrong, sportsmanship, and discipline. 

In addition a strong focus will be placed on the topic of mental health and the importance sport and physical activity has in allowing students to manage stress and anxiety. Students will be encouraged to seek out external opportunities at clubs and organisations in order to promote a life-long love of physical activity and sport. 

In KS4 students will take part in a range of health related fitness sessions, with a clear link to the mental health benefits of these activities, such a circuit training, yoga, dance, and non-competitive sports (e.g. cardio tennis). Alternative routes during core PE lessons will be offered to those who wish to refine high level skills and operate in a competitive environment in more traditional sports. KS4 students are also encouraged to develop independence and resilience, working towards formation of habits to encourage life-long participation and enjoyment of physical activity.



  • Sports Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Main School Hall
  • 400m Athletic Track (grass) 
  • 6 x Netball Courts
  • 6 x Tennis Courts
  • 4 x Badminton Courts
  • Table Tennis Room
  • 2 x Squash Courts
Fitness Gymnasium
  • 6 x Tennis Courts
  • 6 x Football Pitches
  • 2 x Football/Hockey/Rugby Teaching Grids

3G All Weather Pitch

Core PE and Extra Curricular

Physical education continues as a compulsory subject throughout the school with each student receiving at least three hours of PE a fortnight and in most cases four hours a fortnight. Furthermore there is a wide ranging and comprehensive extra-curricular programme on offer, including football, netball, parkour/gymnastics, dance, basketball, rugby, cheerleading, cricket, and rounders. The extra curricular programme will be released and phased in, from September, based on government guidance, and appropriate and safe measures being put in place. This may reduce the capacity of our normal comprehensive programme, but hopefully this will only be a short term measure.


In core PE students will take part in a range of various sporting activities, as well as developing key skills associated with sport that can be applied to other subjects and provide tools for students to be successful in team environments when leaving school. We categorise and assess sports and activities under the following headings:- Outdoor Invasion Games (OIG), Indoor Invasion Games (IIG), Accurate Replication (AR), Striking and Fielding (S&F), Net/Wall Games (NWG), and Leadership, Independence, and Team working skills (LIT). Health Related Exercise (HRE), although not assessed, is delivered specifically for a block of work, but also underpins everything we do during the course of the year, and is constantly referred back to.


Sporting Categories

The sporting categories we use, allow us to build in flexibility to our curriculum and employs a new and dynamic approach to 21st century PE, which isn’t inhibited by rigid chains of following traditional sporting patterns for each class. This allows us to adapt, and implement different ideas and sports for different classes, based on their individual needs and progression. Most classes are of mixed ability, so this allows us freedom and creativity to ensure maximum engagement. Typical sports or activities for each sporting category are:- 

  • OIG – Football, Rugby, Netball
  • IIG – Basketball, Handball
  • NWG – Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis
  • AR – Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Parkour
  • S&F- Cricket, Rounders, Softball
  • HRE- Fitness testing, methods of training, components of fitness, dealing with stress and anxiety, and the importance of exercise to help manage and improve mental health
  • FS- Building the core skills of running, throwing, jumping, catching, in sport specific manners in sporting contexts
  • LIT- Developing the ability to lead small groups, and also perform various alternative roles within group settings. Developing the ability to work successfully in teams, and key skills of resilience, listening, and cooperative learning. Further building the skills to work independently, and cooperatively to foster a lifelong love of participation and activity


Key Stage 3

Students are taught mainly in single gender lessons however at times there will be some mixed gender lessons depending on class sizes, in years 7 and 8. Year 7, 8, and 9 students have 4 lessons over 2 weeks. This year both boys and girls will be following the same curriculum map at the same time, with the majority of PE being performed outside, in order to comply with COVID regulations, and best practice for health and safety. All classes will spend the first term focusing on S&F (Rounders, Cricket, Softball), and N&W (Tennis), and HRE. Term 2 and 3 the focus will be on OIG (Football, Rugby, Netball), however if the weather is poor during this time we will deliver some indoor NWG (Badminton) and IIG (Basketball/Handball/Dodgeball). During Term 4, we are planning to deliver AR (Gymnasatics/Parkour/Dance). Term 5 will focus on Athletics (AR), before term 6 having a key focus on LIT. HRE will constantly be built into all lessons during the course of the year and where appropriate to raise certain issues. Where possible students will be allowed to bring in their own equipment to use, for example their own tennis rackets. Students will need all of the compulsory PE kit.


Key Stage 4

Students are taught in mixed and single gender lessons for 4 lessons over 2 weeks. Students will be given option blocks of sports they wish to take part in which gives them more choice and variety during KS4 core PE. These option blocks fall within the sporting categories mentioned above, with a strong focus towards the HRE aspect of the curriculum. The focus will be pushed towards leadership, independence, and teambuilding, in order to further build the lifelong drive to participate in sport and activity. Students will need all of the compulsory kit.


Students who wish to extend their knowledge and understanding of sport and PE may choose to study the Level 1/2 BTEC Tech award in Sport through a further 5/6 lessons a fortnight in addition to their core PE lessons. The department has achieved sustained success and positive outcomes over the last decade with examination PE at KS4.


Key Stage 5

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Sport & Physical Activity is offered to Post 16+ students to provide a progression from BTEC Level 2 Sport. This provides a progression route for the study of sport and sport related subjects in Higher Education. The department has achieved sustained success and positive outcomes over the last decade with examination PE at KS5.


Kit List

Compulsory Kit

  • Black polo shirt with PCS logo
  • Outdoor reversible top with PCS logo OR grey hoody with PCS logo
  • (For outdoor wear either of these options may be chosen, but please be advised that if you are playing contact rugby the hoody may NOT be worn. Therefore, we advise students who are likely to be in school teams to purchase the outdoor reversible top. Other tops will not be permitted)
  • Suitable plain black sports bottoms which may include: black tracksuit bottoms, black shorts or black girls sport leggings.[No branding or logos)
  • Black knee-length socks (outdoor)
  • Astro turf trainers - these can be worn inside or outside on the astro turf
  • Trainers - any.  These can be worn inside but not on the astro turf unless they are astro turf trainers


Non – Compulsory – but advisory

  • Football/rugby boots - moulded ones can be used on grass AND on astro turf.  Studded ones can only be used on grass, but they are compulsory for students playing in extra-curricular activities
  • Gum shields - advisory for rugby lessons, but compulsory for extra-curricular fixtures
  • Shin pads - advisory for football lessons, but compulsory for extra-curricular fixtures
  • White socks


Core PE curriculum Map – All students


Term 1: Striking and Fielding, Net/Wall games, and Health Related Exercise


Terms 2 and 3: Outdoor Invasion Games, Net/Wall games (if bad weather), Indoor Invasion Games (if bad weather).


Term 4: Accurate Replication – Parkour, Gymnastics, Indoor Invasion Games.


Term 5: Accurate Replication - Athletics


Term 6: Functional Skills, Team Building, Leadership and Independence