Patchway Community School

Severe Weather Arrangements

In the event of severe weather overnight, a judgement will be made by 7:15am in the morning by the Headteacher about the closure of the school. Live information will be posted on the following places: * The school website  * The school twitter feed  * The Local Authority website 

We also have the facility to text and email parents provided we have correct contact details, please do let us know if these have changed. 

Unless you hear a closure announcement, school will remain open and your child should attend if you are confident that he/she will be able to arrive and return safely. 

The decision to close school is not taken lightly; priority must be given however to ensuring that staff and students can journey to, and be on the school site safety, and that we have sufficient staff to offer this. It is often the case that one school may close and another stay open even when geographically close to each other. This is because individual staff travel to work from a wide range of areas that may be more affected than the locality, specific road closures or conditions affecting that school, and also differences in our school sites making some entrances safer than others. Please be assured that we do everything we can to open the school and minimise disruption for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation.