Patchway Community School

Envision at Patchway Community School

Year 10 students announced the WINNING TEAM of the Community Apprentice programme after presenting to a panel of professionals.

On Monday 29th April, a group of 8 students from Year 10 won Envision’s Community-Apprentice competition. Team Rainbow Rovers have been supporting The Rainbow Centre, a local charity that supports children that have suffered a close family bereavement.

After 13-weeks as Community Apprentices, Team Rainbow Rovers have completed three challenges: an awareness raising challenge in their school, a fundraiser at a local business and a pitching challenge where they presented about their journey at an inter-school event, held at Aerospace Bristol. Team Rainbow Rovers competed against four other schools to demonstrate their skills and development of determination, confidence and teamwork, as well as their overall commitment to making a difference in their local community.

Over the course of the Community Apprentice competition, Team Rainbow Rovers have dedicated over 30 hours to their project.

Their Challenges
For the first of the three challenges, the Awareness Raising Challenge, Team Rainbow Rovers reached over 90% of the school through their awareness raising project. The team created a brilliant tutor quiz about The Rainbow Centre with the prize of a non-school uniform day that acted as a brilliant incentive for students to get involved.

The second challenge, the Fundraising Challenge, allowed the team to practice their confidence in speaking to adults they do not know as they set up a stall at Warburtons, see below for more information about this partnership. The team raised a total of £165 at Warburtons through their fundraising event. They ran a football raffle which had a top prize of a day off work, a guess the weight of the cookie competition and a bread-chubby bunny contest.​ The group managed to get prizes valuing over £150 donated by visiting shops in the Mall Cribbs Causeway. They demonstrated both their commitment and confidence before and during the event, working hard to prepare and having the confidence to talk to Warburtons staff on the day.

For their final challenge, the Pitching Challenge, the students presented in front of a panel of judges at Aerospace Bristol about their journey throughout the Community Apprentice programme. It was great to celebrate all that Team Rainbow Rovers have achieved and the impact that they have made during this inspiring inter-school event.

Not only did Team Rainbow Rovers win the competition, receiving a further £500 to give to The Rainbow Centre, they were also presented with the ‘Confidence Award’ for their progression in public speaking and communication – a brilliant achievement!

Exposure to the Workplace

Each school in the competition was partnered with its very own business, who provided volunteer mentors to guide and encourage the team with their projects and encouraged them to develop skills that employers are looking for. Team Rainbow Rovers were partnered with Warburtons.

Team Rainbow Rovers had the incredible opportunity of visiting Warburtons three times over the past three months. The business mentors provided the students with examples of how to develop key skills of teamwork, confidence and determination: reinforcing how valuable these skills are in their own jobs, and when accessing the workplace in general. Trips to Warburtons have given students the unique opportunity of gaining exposure to the workplace and boosting their employability skills.

One of the mentors from Warburtons, Mike Joy said “I have really enjoyed getting to know the students. They should all be proud of how far they have developed and what they have achieved.”

The students from Team Rainbow Rovers should be really proud of all that they have achieved on the Community Apprentice and for the difference that they have made to their charity, The Rainbow Centre, and in their community.

Well done Rainbow Rovers, a truly deserved win!