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Mock Exam Information

 Students have mock exams scheduled for the following dates:

Year Group Dates
Year 11 16/11/20 until 23/11/20
Year 12 & Year 13 05/01/21 until 15/01/21
Year 11 22/02/21 until 05/03/21
Year 11 Mock Exams Nov 2020
The year 10 and 11 mock weeks are starting on Monday 16th November and will run until Tuesday 24th November.  Students will be receiving their own timetable with their seating arrangements. All students will need to ensure that they know exactly where they’re sitting their exams and remember the seat they’re required to sit in for the exam.
During these unprecedented times, I want to reassure you that we have taken all the necessary precautions to keep students, staff and invigilators safe, modifying the seating plan in the sports hall to ensure that the tables are as close to 2m apart as possible. Unfortunately, we will not be lending out any equipment in the sports hall; students must ensure they come equipped to each exam. Additionally, we will not be letting students into the sports hall until it is time to sit at their desk and get ready to start the examination. 
It is important that all students come prepared to every examination with the right equipment. The equipment that students will need is a pen (probably best to have 2 of these), pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator. We do have equipment that can be purchased through the school or if you need assistance with getting any of this then please speak to either Mr Forward or myself.
The exams will run in the morning from 09:00 and the afternoon examinations will start at 12:35. The lunch sitting for year 11 students during the mock exams will now be the first sitting, which is from 12:05 – 12:35. After their morning examination, all students will be return to their year base and begin preparing for their afternoon examination. If the afternoon examination finishes before the end of the school day, we will release the students early to exit the site to go home. For students that don’t have an examination during the afternoon they will be expected to remain in the year 11 area where they will be required to prepare for their examinations the following day and will leave school the normal time.
Week 2 Start Time Length Exam
Mon 16 Nov 09:00 01:30 Maths Paper 1 Non-Calculator
Mon 16 Nov 12:35 01:30 Geography
Mon 16 Nov 12:35 01:30 Hospitality and Catering
Tue 17 Nov 09:00 02:00 English Language
Tue 17 Nov 12:35 01:45 Science Triple Biology
Tue 17 Nov 12:35 01:10 Science Combined Biology
Wed 18 Nov 09:00 02:00 Product Design
Wed 18 Nov 09:00 02:00 History
Wed 18 Nov 12:35 01:30 Maths Paper 2 Calculator
Thu 19 Nov 09:00 01:10 Science Combined Chemistry Foundation 2
Thu 19 Nov 09:00 01:10 Science Combined Chemistry Higher 2
Thu 19 Nov 09:00 01:45 Science Triple Chemistry Tier 2
Thu 19 Nov 12:35 00:45 German Foundation Reading paper
Thu 19 Nov 13:30 01:00 German Foundation Writing paper
Thu 19 Nov 12:35 01:00 German Higher Reading paper
Thu 19 Nov 13:40 01:15 German Higher Writing paper
Thu 19 Nov 12:35 01:00 Computing Paper 1
Thu 19 Nov 13:40 01:00 Computing Paper 2
Thu 19 Nov 12:35 01:30 Health and Social Care
Fri 20 Nov 09:00 02:00 English Literature
Fri 20 Nov 12:35 01:10 Science Combined Physics
Fri 20 Nov 12:35 01:45 Science Triple Physics
Mon 23 Nov 09:00 01:30 Maths Paper 3 Calculator
Tue 24 Nov 09:00 01:45 Citizenship (year 10)
Tue 24 Nov 09:00 01:45 Religious Studies (year 10)

Click here to see the Year 11 Mock Exams Rules and Regulations

Results Days next Summer 

Results days will run as follows:

  • Post 16 - Tuesday 24th August 2021 for A level results

  • Year 11 - Friday 27th August 2021 for GCSE results


Students and parents can contact exams via email and a member of the exams team will get back to you as soon as possible:  

Please see the Provisional Exam Timetable for June 2021:

View document june-2021-amended-provisional-timetable.pdf