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Virtual Learning Links

There are two documents which provide guidance on how to access remote learning if your child is self-isolating at home.

The first is relevant if your child is self-isolating because they are unwell or a member of their household has tested positive for COVID-19.  It is also relevant if your child has been identified as need to self-isolate via the NHS Track and Trace APP.


View document accessing_remote_learning_-_individual_students.pdf

 The second document is relevant if your child is part of a partial or whole group closure.

View document virtual_learning_links/accessing_remote_learning_-_partial_or_whole_year_group_closure.pdf

We use Firefly as our communication tool between school, students, and parents.  



If you have a child in Patchway Community School and would like a parent link to our Firefly portal or phone app, then please email Mrs Evans