Patchway Community School


Keeping Children Safe

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

At Patchway Community School we have high expectations of each other.

We show this by respecting ourselves, each other and our community. Details of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy can be found by clicking here.

Parent Safeguarding Newsletters 

We will continue to regularly send parents and carers important updates and information across a range of safeguarding issues.

Student Safeguarding Tutorials 

Safeguarding our students includes supporting them to look after themselves and each other.  We train our students every fortnight in different aspects of safeguarding during an extended morning tutorial, delivered by tutors who know their tutor group well.  Parents may wish to follow up this training with discussions at home and can find out about the content of each tutorial here:

Tutorial 1: Attendance and Behaviour for Success 17.09.21

Tutorial 2: Sexism and Gender Bias 01.10.21

Tutorial 3: Mental Health and Student Leadership 15.10.21

Tutorial 4: Healthy Relationships and Relationship Abuse 05.11.21

Tutorial 5: Anti Bullying 19.11.21

Tutorial 6: Identity and Pronouns LGBTQ 3.12.21Tutorial 7: Safe to Speak 14.01.22

Tutorial 8: Punctuality, Pace and Purpose 28.01.22

Tutorial 9: Sexting 11.02.22

Tutorial 10: Lockdown 04.03.22

Tutorial 11: Your voice counts 18.03.22

Safeguarding Information for Parents and Carers

Patchway Community School recognises its responsibility under section 175 of the Education Act 2002 to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and to work together with other agencies to ensure effective early intervention takes place to identify, assess and support children who may be suffering from harm. 

Safeguarding our students is paramount and we respond promptly and robustly to any child protection or safeguarding concerns. Our staff selection and interview process assesses all candidates’ suitability and commitment to safeguarding children. All of our staff receive yearly updates as part of their child protection training and named Child Protection staff receive annual training and specific updates on a range of safeguarding areas. 

An independent review in February 2018 made the following reflections:

There is clear evidence that safeguarding provision has improved in the recent history of the school. The safeguarding culture is tangible. There is a variety of support available for students.

Support provided by OAT which has maintained the high profile and ‘gives extra confidence'.

Clear operational procedures and safeguarding organisation understood by staff.

There is a very consistent agreement by all stakeholders regarding the significant safeguarding improvements that have taken place.


Safeguarding is now seen as ‘everybody’s business’; staff interviewed deeply care about pupil wellbeing.


 A lack of complacency and a mission to provide the best safeguarding provision for pupils.

Key School Contacts

The staff below can be contacted via the main school number: 01454 862020

Designated Child Protection Officer

Ellen Tomkies,

Associate Senior Leader

Direct email 

Deputy Child Protection Officer 

Nigel Burr,

Student Support Team Leader
Direct email: 

Deputy Child Protection Officer

Joseph Bressington,

Student Support Mentor
Direct email: 



South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Board 

The school follows the advice issued from the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Board.

Their website has a range of useful information for parents and carers as well as numbers to contact if you have concerns about the safety and well-being of a child. To visit the web page, please click on the logo below.

If you have concerns about a child and would like to speak to someone from the Access and Response Team directly, please use the numbers below. 

Useful Website Links 

One of the websites we recommend is Parent Zone, which is provided by Vodaphone and supported by recognised e-safety organisations for schools. This website is also very useful for parents.

Another website is Parentinfo, provided by the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) and Parent Zone -

This is a really helpful guide and advice resource for parents of children from year 7 through to year 13. Click on the logo above to see the full Parent Pack from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation:  Why not have a look at the family plan at the end of the booklet to see if this could be a useful tool for your family in starting a discussion about online safety?