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Patchway Community School

Work Experience

Year 10

All students are expected to participate in a work experience placement as a core part of their Key Stage 4 Learning.

 All of our Year 10 students are given the chance to take part in work placement learning and we encourage them to make the most of this valuable opportunity. Work placement learning introduces students to the work environment, gives them time to take part in specific activities and carry out tasks as an employee would. We have an extensive range of employers, that are Health and Safety checked, who offer some excellent placements to our students.

Year 12

Work placement learning can:

  • Offer our students with an understanding of the world of work;
  • Assist our students in deciding what type of career they might want in the future;
  • Improve the personal development of our students;
  • Improve the key skills and employability of our students.

Why go on work placement learning?

  • It is a chance to try out your career ideas, this can help some students make a more informed choice about their career options.
  • It is a chance for students to work alongside adults who are not their parents/carers or teachers.
  • Work placement learning references are added to the student’s Record of Achievement which is then presented by the student at college and/or job interviews.
  • The student has the chance to demonstrate their key employability skills and a list of the skills used during the placement is added to their Record of Achievement.
  • Some placements can lead to offers of part-time work, full-time work or apprenticeships.